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Buy the Blodlina NFT

The successful run of Blodlina at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022 marks the start of an exciting journey for the show with the aim of a National Tour in autumn 2023, with perhaps even a transfer to the West End and Broadway in the future!

The hour long “festival version” of the show presented in Edinburgh was a proof of concept for the full version which runs for just under two hours with a more intricate plot and larger cast.

Blodlina is part of an exciting new project to fund live theatre through the purchase of digital artworks – NFTs. This new model of theatre finance is being pioneered by Graham & Townley Productions and promises to democratize theatre funding and forge a new relationship between theatre and its supporters.

The NFTs are part of The Viking NFT: Blodlina Sword Series. Prices start at around £85. Aside from buying an extraordinary piece of digital art, owners will become a member of the GT Producers Collective – a community interested in supporting theatre and live art using NFTs. The NFTs can be traded so, if the show does well, rather like owning a signed first edition of a successful book, their value may increase.

Click here to find out how you can own one of these beautiful piece of digital art that will help to fund the show and that could increase in value with the success of the show.