Musical Theatre Review

“this is a show with an edge”

“the pace and clarity of the story are excellent”

“This exciting show is ripe to be taken to the next stage of development”

“Congratulations to all involved.”

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The Wee Review

“Blodlina is a surprise hit of the festival”

“A viking musical with power, energy and real talent, marking what could be the start of an amazing theatrical journey in years ahead”

“this is musical theatre with a difference”

“Blodlina stands out”

“exceptionally talented cast”

“A grand story of rivalry, passion and legacy”

“every musical number has an intensity and flair”

“fight scenes feel genuinely threatening”

“A rousing, thumping, and bloodthirsty musical experience”

“a musical that, destiny permitting, could be seen on a far larger scale in years to come”

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British Theatre Guide

“exciting new heavy rock musical”

“impressive sword fight sequences”

“scorching score from soaring ballads to rap and all the cast have superb singing voices

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“Feisty sword fights”

“story of love, pride, war and loss”

“great music and songs”

“completely captivated”

“loud and brilliant”

“the songs are powerful and catchy”

“the acting is first class”

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Starburst Magazine

absolutely fantastic songs … total show-stoppers

Blodlina: The Viking Musical is a rare treat, a rock musical with sword fighting, drama and some great costumes. We would love to see it tour.

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Audience Reviews

Ben Nuttall

Absolutely incredible … I haven’t seen anything like it before …  it has you on the edge of your seat.

fantastic performance of the cast and band

I cannot recommend this show highly enough.

Tomás Clutterbuck

Great, great show

I simply cannot wait for the full version in the future (and the soundtrack please give me the soundtrack.)

Brian Maitland

Fantastic show with lots of potential. I would love to see a fully developed version of this in the future.

Gregor Lawrie

The most amazing show at the fringe, a must see, great action, comedy and a catchy soundtrack, with beautiful performances throughout.

Peter Marshall

Yes. Yes. Yes. If you’re even on the edge, DO IT!

Pete Leaman

the stand out surprising hit for me across the whole of the fringe.

Harley Peers

As someone who has a guilty pleasure for Norse culture, mythology and history, this was an absolute treat to watch!

With gripping characters, emotional stories and amazing stage combat. GO SEE IT!!

Matt Tapp

Great fun all round

perfect for any fans of vikings, rock/folk musicals, or both.

I found myself attached to its plot and characters, carried by excellent actors and beautiful compositions.

I hope this takes off in the future.