Now in development following success in Edinburgh

It is 900AD and two Viking sisters are fighting for control of their late Father’s kingdom. Set against the gathering storm clouds of imminent invasion, Blodlina tells the story of a tiny community bravely fighting, against all odds, for its very existence. Amidst broken hearts and shattered swords, romance and rebellion, the story unfolds under the watchful eye of two mischievous, interfering teenage Norse gods, Loki and Thor.

Blodlina captivated audiences with its thrilling sword fights and a musical score ranging from haunting folk to heavy metal. It seamlessly blends modern themes into a story inspired by Norse mythology, creating a gripping new family musical experience.


Building on the triumph of its hour-long proof of concept at the Edinburgh Fringe 2022, the show is now being expanded into a full-length production.

“this is a show with an edge”
“This exciting show is ripe to be taken to the next stage of development”
Musical Theatre Review

“absolutely fantastic songs … total show-stoppers”
Starburst Magazine

“Feisty sword fights”
“completely captivated”


Clips from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Production 2022


King Ove And Son

Sucks To Be You


Mother Frigga